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In Lake Superior what types of fish do you catch?

Lake Superior has a very large and robust Lake Trout population. On most trips we will catch at least 7-8 Lake Trout for every other type fish caught unless we are specifically targeting the other species, which are Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, and Brown Trout. Other species that can be found are Coaster Brook Trout, Spake, Walleye, and Northern Pike.

Are Lake Trout good to eat?

Yes. They are offerd in many excellent area resturants. The Lean Lake Trout is the sub-species best on the table as they have red meat and very low fat content.

Are there different types of Lake Trout?

Three Lake Trout sub-species inhabit Lake Superior. Lean Lake Trout(RedFins) inhabit shallower inshore water generally from 40-220 ft. deep. They have a straight pointed snout, slender body, and low fat content. Usually more colorful than their offshore cousins. Excellent table fare. Siscowet Lake Trout or (Fats) have a convex snout, robust body, and high fat content. They are typically found in water from 150-350 ft. deep. They are not very good to eat. They are a gray color. They are the Lake Trout found in the lower Great Lakes. Humper Lake Trout have a snout similar to the Lean and have large eyes. They are found on isolated shoals(Stannard Rock, Superior Shoal) that are surrounded by waters over 350 feet deep. They have an intermediate fat content and are excellent table fare. Contrary to popular belief, Lake Trout are caught at all depths in the water colomum. Their primary diet is smelt, lake herring and opossum shrimp. They prefer water temperature in the 49-54 F range. The Splake is a crossbred Lake Trout and Brook Trout which are cousins. They cannot reproduce. They are very good to eat. They look similar to the Lean Lake Trout and have wormy marks on their back.

What type credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Does the charter include lunch?

Not normally. However, we do have a refigerator on our Lake Superior boats with sodas and water that you are welcome to. Additionally, we do offer catered trips to Stannard Rock. If you would like us to provide a lunch for you we will be happy to do so. Normal cost is $ 10.00 per person.

What time do we start?

Normally we start at 6:00 am on Lake Superior. However, as August approaches it gets light later so we prefer 7:00am then in the Fall 8:00 am. Afternoon Trips start at 1:00 pm and Evening Trips at 4:00 pm. We will work with you for alternate times if necessary.

Do we need a fishing license?

Yes, you will need to buy a license. Licenses are available at Holiday Stores, Wal-Mart, Gander Mountain, and bait/tackle shops at all of our locations. They can also be purchased over the Internet on the Michigan DNR Website at http://www.dnr.state.mi.us. If you are fishing for trout or salmon, you must purchase an “All Species License”. For walleyes, you can buy the less expensive alternative. “One Day” licenses are good for all species and cost only $7.00, a real bargain compared to many other states. Youths under 17 don’t need a license.

What should I bring?

On the boat you should consider bringing the following:

Please no large coolers to bring onboard. Small coolers for your food and drink are ok. We supply bags for your catch to be taken off the dock in.

Should I bring my own equipment?

No. But you can if you choose to. We provide top quality equipment for our customers to use, however some folks like to use their own equipment and in most cases as long as it’s proper for the situation you are welcome to bring it along.

Do you guarantee that we will catch some fish?

Uncle Ducky Charters has rarely been skunked, so the likelihood of drawing a blank is slim. Like any reputable charter company though, we guarantee our trips. If we don’t hookup with any fish, then your next trip is free. The captain may nullify this guarantee under certain circumstances. If the fishing conditions are extremely poor and not conducive to catching fish, the customer will be offered an option of either a rescheduled trip or no guarantee to catch fish. The guarantee is only in effect if the customers allow the captain to choose the most effective tactics and locations.

Do you have a restroom on board?

On our Lake Superior Boats. On our 20′ Crestliner we have a porta-potti.

Who cleans the fish?

In Marquette we include as part of the cost of your charter fish cleaning at Thills Fish Market. They will do an excellent job for you. They are open Monday thru Friday until 5:30, Saturday until 3:00 and they are closed on Sundays. In case we come in after they are closed the captain will clean the fish for you.

Can we catch and release the fish?

Here is the problem when trolling. In most cases the fish will not survive if caught trolling especially if caught deep and also after a good fight. If the captain can revive the fish and feels it will survive he will do so for you. If not then we don’t want to just feed the seagulls. Inland fishing catch and release is fine and recommended. But you are also welcome to catch your supper.

Is it customary to tip the crew?

Tipping is considered customary in most service industries including charter fishing. Gratuities are never expected though, rather they are a way to complement the captain and crew for exemplary service.

What if someone gets seasick?

We really try to avoid conditions that could cause even those with the weakest of stomachs to get motion sickness. Many times if it is too rough then we will offer you an alternate date. There are several over the counter drugs available to treat motion sickness and also some powerful prescription drugs that work well. We do recommend that they be taken at least 45 minutes prior to departure. Sea sickness has been a rarity rather then a common occurance.

Can we drink “Alcohol” on the boat?

Yes. Alcoholic beverages are permitted, however drunkenness is not. Also, at least one designated driver must remain sober on the boat. If alcohol is abused on the boat, the Captain has the authority to end the trip immediately. You will still be charged in full. Illegal Drugs are not permitted.

How do we find your boat?

Upon receipt of your deposit, I send out a trip planning packet that covers all the details of your charter(s) including meeting places and times with directions and maps included. We also make lodging recommendations. In Marquette the boats are at the Presque Isle Marina at Presque Isle Park. For Little Bay de Noc trips we depart from the Gladstone Marina and sometimes from the Kippling Boat Ramp.

Is lodging included?

Yes and No.If you are on a package trip with us then yes it is included. If not please ask us to arrange it for you. We can get you a rate at the Holiday Inn, Ramada, and Nordic Bay Lodge under their normal rates.

What if the weather is too bad to fish?

If the weather or conditions are unfishable, we try to contact our clients as soon as possible to hopefully save them from a wasted trip. In any case, if a trip is called off by the captain due to bad weather, the customer can reschedule the trip at their convenience; even the next year (or years afterwards).

Do you mix parties together?

No. Well sometimes. On rare occasions when two parties both request a mixed party and the dates work out, then it’s possible. Otherwise, you have the boat and our services to yourself.

How many people can we take along?

Up to 6 on the Lake Superior boats. 4-5, depending on their size is recommended on Inland and Little Bay de Noc trips.

What if we have a large group that has more than 6 people?

No problem. We have two 6 passenger boats in our fleet and our captains have two more so when can handle groups up to 24 folks. This would have to be scheduled well in advance usually.

What happens if we catch our limit?
Can we catch additional fish on the captain’s limit?

We do not recommend this practice.

What happens when one person catches their limit, can they still reel in more fish?

Generally, customers take turns catching fish. However since the vast majority of our fishing involves trolling, which is a genuine team effort, each fish caught, collectively, belongs to everyone on the boat. So therefore, the limit is actually a boat limit.

Can customers run lines and set the hook?

Customer participation is encouraged in all facets of the charter.

How do you fish, trolling or casting?

The vast majority of our charters involve trolling tactics. For salmon and Trout its all trolling. For Walleyes, trolling accounts for 95% of our effort, however we do jig, drift and cast on occasion.

How old do kids have to be to go on a charter?

Generally 6 and over. However, we do require that an adult, and preferably two adults be along on trips with youngsters under the age of 6.

What type fishing do you suggest for youngsters?

If they are under about 12 years old they generally like to catch a lot of fish. I suggest fishing on an inland lake where we will target Bass, Pike, and BlueGill. The equipment is more their size and the action is faster. However, if they are with older brothers, sisters, or friends then they do fine on the Lake Superior trips.

What do you catch on inland lakes?

Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Perch, Crappie, BlueGill, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Splake and Lake Trout.


Questions specific to Stannard Rock

How long is the boat ride out?

Normally 2 hours each way.

What fishing methods do you use?

Normally we vertical jig. In very shallow water we also cast spoons. Sometimes we also will troll if the customer requests it. This is the best method for steelhead and salmon.

How many fish can we expect to catch?

Most days we average 30-40 fish per trip. We almost always get a limit of Lake Trout for all customers.

Can we catch and release?


What if the weather conditions are too rough to go to Stannard Rock?

We give you two options here. Fish locally if we can at that lower rate or reschedule to another day.

Is Stannard Rock Fishing really worth the money?

If you want to catch big Lake Trout vertically jigging and casting with light tackle and catch alot of them then there are only a few places you can do this. Stannard Rock in Lake Superior, Superior Shoal in Lake Superior, Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, and Lake Athabasca in Canada. You can figure at least $3000.00 for the boat to go to Superior Shoal. Great Bear, Slave and Lake Athasbasca will cost you in the Thousands of Dollars per person as you have to fly in. So Stannard Rock is very inexpensive for the experience.


If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to call 1-877-228-5447